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The Blue Parrot: Legendary On The Beach Since 1984

What is an anniversary if not the marking of a milestone?

4AboutThis year we celebrate 30 years of magical memories and the experiences of literally millions of visitors who have been touched by something very special at the Blue Parrot. Whether it was an unforgettable honeymoon spent in the hotel, or a rendezvous with someone special that ended in a honeymoon, we constantly hear from people from around the world who have a special story to share about their personal Blue Parrot experience

Its hard to imagine, but 30 years ago Playa del Carmen had a population of 6,000, a single unpaved road, a pay telephone and a one streetlight. There was a footpath off of 5th Avenue through the jungle down to the Blue Parrot.

Today, Playa del Carmen is the top Mexican tourist destination and that footpath is known as 12th Street and is the center of Playas nightlife district–boasting no fewer than twenty-five clubs and restaurants.

Much more than just a popular tourism destination, the Blue Parrot has played a significant role in influencing the flavor of Playa del Carmen and has a lot to do with the towns unique personality today.